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Philippine Festivals

The Philippines has been called the Fiesta Islands because of its many celebrations throughout the country. No other place on earth has a race so devoted to celebrating their blessings, history and religious rituals like the Filipinos. From Luzon to Mindanao, each province, city, town, village and barangay in the country celebrates its own, special Fiesta or Festival Day, which may be in the form of music, street dancing, beauty contests, balls, parades, processions, sports challenges or a host of other events. Some of these celebrations take months to prepare. The colorful and elaborate masks, makeup, headdresses and costumes, not to mention the food and drinks, are sure to delight visitors who witness these events.

So if you plan to go to the Philippines, make sure to come to these fiestas and celebrate life in the Filipino spirit.

January Festivals

April Festivals

July Festivals

October Festivals

February Festivals

May Festivals

August Festivals

November Festivals

Holy Week Festivals

March Festivals

June Festivals

September Festivals

December Festivals

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