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Philippine Festivals, Events and Celebrations in March

Kaamulan Festival
Date: March 3 - 7
Venue: Malaybalay City, Bukidnon Province
Description: Features street dancing of local tribes and their religious and ethnic rituals.

Arya Abra Festival
Date: March 7 - 10
Venue: Abra Province
Description: Celebrates the founding of the province with a variety of events, including raft and horse races.

Date: March 16 (movable date)
Venue: Tagbilaran, Bohol
Description: Celebrates and re-enacts the Blood Compact between Spain's Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna to symbolize the friendly relations between the two countries.

Araw ng Dabaw
Date: March 10 - 16
Venue: Davao
Description: Celebrates the founding of Davao as a chartered city.

Pintados de Pasi
Date: March 14 - 16
Venue: Passi City
Description: Celebrates the history of Passi City.

Homonhon Landing
Date: March 16
Venue: Southeastern Samar
Description: Celebrates the discovery of the Philippines by Ferdinand Magellan.

Mt. Manunggal
Date: March 16 - 17
Venue: Central Cebu
Description: Marks the anniversary of the tragic plane crash and death of Pres. Ramon Magsaysay on the mountain.

Sinigayan Festival
Date: March 19
Venue: Sagay, Negros Occidental
Description: A festival featuring shellcraft art using the native seashell, 'sigay'.

First Mass in the Philippines
Date: March 31
Venue: Limasawa Island, Southern Leyte
Description: Celebration of the first Catholic mass in the Philippines featuring a street pageant by the different municipalities.

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